We create the highest quality Cannabis products, with a focus on integration, education, and research.

“Organically Grown, Naturally Exclusive.”


We take pride in creating only the finest cannabis, focusing on medicinal properties in an organic atmosphere. Our company was founded in 2016 by cannabis breeder, Chilly Mack. His objective was to develop strains that would help treat medical patients who prefer more natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. The Mr. Macks catalogue currently consists of 24 custom creations and eight rare phenotypes. 

Our team recognized that not all cannabis consumers prefer the smoking method so we also specialize in edible creations and topical extracts. Our plants are organically grown and do not have any synthetic ingredients, chemical pesticides, or GMO seeds.

Award Winning Edibles


Our fan favorite cannabis caramel is deliciously smooth with consistent effects.

Hard Candies

These long lasting candies come in assorted fruity flavors and are perfect for on the go or chilling at home. Available in 3 doses.


These bite sized treats are firm, chewy, and fruity. They are specially crafted to ensure a quality product every time.


We have isolated the terpenes and reintroduced them to the highest quality distillate to bring you this new line of products.

Award Winning Topicals

Lotions & Balms

Our THC infused lotion works great for mild skin conditions like eczema while our pain balm targets muscle and nerve pain below the surface.

Our Genetics

Bread by Chilly Mack
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Bloo’s Kloos is a playful indica with a carefree buzz that encourages laughter. This three-way cross of Larry OG, Blueberry, and Northern Lights imbues Bloo's with earthy and fruity terpenes that turn sweet when consumed. Created by Mr. Mack, this strain leaves the mind clear and the body free of aches and pains.
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Tangier Chilly is a hybrid strain named for its creator, the infamous Chilly Mack of Mr. Mack's Snacks. It is well balanced in effects, yet 60% indica dominant in its genetics. Laboratory tests have indicated THC potency between 18%-22% and Tangier Chilly is derived from a lineage of 3 amazing strains, including the multiple-award-winning Tangie, along with Larry OG and Pakistani.
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Boombaye marijuana strain is a balanced Hybrid cannabis strain. This herb was named after an iconic fight with which Muhhamad Ali took part in. Boombaye cannabis strain was bred at Mr. Mack’s Snack. Boombaye nuggs smell of sweet earth. Users report high THC levels, but their exact numbers remain a mystery. Boombaye marijuana strain is good for evening and daytime use.


Mr. Mack’s has created a top of the line grow facility, and focused on prioritizing the quality of our product and service we provide to our patients every step of the way. We invest a tremendous amount of time and resources in perfecting our in house grow techniques, executed by Chilly Mack and a hand selected team of growers. At Mr. Mack’s we only use the finest organic ingredients, so that we maintain a consistent, pure product for everyone who prefers a more natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. The Mr. Macks catalogue currently consists of 24 custom strains and eight rare phenotypes. 


Mr. Mack’s has created a highly efficient extracting facility with emphasis on flavor, potency, and consistency. We use industry leading techniques in extracting and refining our assortment of concentrates that range from shatter to sauce and everything in-between. The process begins with only the finest hand selected flower that showcases our award-winning genetics, grown by Chilly Mack and his team of cultivators, resulting in some of the regions finest concentrates.



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